The Writers Den @ Claudia’s Bus

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Writing as an act of kindness

Turn writing into a gift. Make writing an act of kindness. Make someone’s day.

Drop in for a practical step by step guide to creating a gift of writing. Create a gift of words to tell someone that you care, to inspire someone or simply to make someone feel good.

Find the words, form a gift, launch a fleet of kindness with Mayflower Theatre’s writer-in-residence.

2 hour drop in

Community Journalism workshop

People have been asking me what is community journalism? Journalism is a way of thinking and inquiring, of assessing and verifying the information you gather, then composing stories that inform, inspire and connect us!

Community journalism goes beyond reporting what happens, when and where. It is factual story telling with the purpose of restoring a sense of community purpose and justified hope; bringing people together with confidence that we, in the community, have the solutions for a more purposeful, balanced and fulfilled life!

Our solution focused journalism aims to answer three simple questions ‘What? So what? Now what?’

Each one of us is a witness and participant to life in our local patch!

So I am asking you: what do you care about? What knowledge do you have that others might benefit from? What difference would you like to make?

Come and join us on Claudia’s Bus and  together ‘We Make Southampton’ a place to belong to!

2 hour drop in

Lost and Found

Telling Southampton’s Lost Stories. What stories get left on the bus when we get off? Can lost objects remind us of stories from our past? We’ll be celebrating lost memories in this drop-in creative writing session, led by Millie Townsend. Whatever your level of writing, Millie’s workshop will help prompt your memory and turn lost ideas into a piece of writing you’re proud of.

2 hour drop in

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