M.E.R.C.Y Records


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We are M.E.R.C.Y Records and we are an ambitious group of talented musicians.

We strive to make and perform the best music possible. We yearn to progress in our sessions and we give 100% effort and dedication to our craft.

Starting from Southampton to the rest of the UK and with hard work and ambitions, we will conquer the world. We are kind and respectful towards each other because we all have the same dream and goal to be the best. We have the mentality that we are one and if one of us fail, we all fail. That shows we strive for teamwork as we believe T.E.A.M stands for;

  • Together

  • Everyone

  • Achieves

  • More

So this means we don’t leave anymore out and we become more talented and known, not just as a group but as a team. A family.

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